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Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot, has been quietly living in the forests and mountains of North America. Shy and peaceful, his kind have shunned civilization and remained hidden behind legend and folklore. That is, until now.

As humans have encroached on his remote forest with armies of loggers and heavy equipment, Sasquatch has taken up arms and joined his animal brothers and sisters at the Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo (I.W.G.) to mount a resistance. His favorite method of attack is with a liberated chain saw at close quarters.  Often messy, it leaves a impressionable mark even on those lucky enough to get away. 

To get the shots of Sasquatch, I used a little bit of trickery. Because of Rocket World's creature hoodie, he mistook me for a fellow I.W.G. member and focused his attention on the lovely Deanne Oi, who volunteered to act as a decoy. Thanks to her fast feet and the camouflage, I got a great day of observing Sasquatch in his natural setting.

I'll be hitting the road soon for more adventures, so in case I don't talk to you before, I wish you safe and happy holidays!!!

Hope you enjoy!!




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