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Moon Wanderers

Unlike many art-toys, the Moon Wanderers are resin figures cast directly by the artist’s hands and painted in his home studio. Working from his native Russia, Sergey Safonov has hand-built a mysterious cast of characters that exist only at night. The Moon Wanders float along, sleeping and waiting.

I fell in love with the characters, instantly imagining a scene of floating figures under a paper moon. To achieve the shot, I mounted the toys on metal rods and drove them deep into the soft mud of Two Ocean Lake inside Grand Teton National Park. The camera was placed on a semi-submerged tripod, and a very long exposure made the water seem glassy, except for the rippled reflection of strobe light off a paper moon suspended in the background.

Moon Wanderers Shoot #1

Although the shot was fairly complicated, the beauty of the location kept the mood peaceful and serene while we waited for the glow of orange light to fade behind the Tetons. Things started getting a little edgy with the growing army of leeches seen attaching themselves to my waders. A too-close-for-comfort moose followed in close succession, at first looking confused at the humans walking around his lake at midnight, then a bit annoyed. I'd like to think that we scared him off with our flashlights and noisemaking, but it may have been what followed next. Through the mist, something that sounded much lager than the moose was splashing around. Unable to see, I'm going to wager it was a grizzly bear or perhaps a sasquatch. Hard to say.

With that, I called the shot done. It was time to get back to shore, pack up, and get out of there. Careful planning had made the shot a reality, but the adventurous unpredictability of working on location threatened to make it all go awry.

Moon Wanderers Shoot #2

The Telegraph UK recently posted a very flattering gallery of my work from the last several years. The captions contain reference to a larger announcement that is coming soon about a series of book launch events at LeBASSE Projects Gallery. Be looking for more news on my upcoming book in the months to come.

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