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POPaganda: Fat Tony

Credited by some as the “Greatest Living Artist,” Ron English has been turning pop culture on its head since the 1980’s. His appropriated billboards, paintings, sculptures, and toys use corporate iconography to deliver biting social commentary with a hefty dose of wit. Familiar mascots, filtered through Ron’s “POPaganda" vision, become hyper-grotesque versions of themselves.

For a recent show at Post No Bills in Venice, Ron took over the cereal aisle at a local Ralph’s Supermarket. His “Short Shelf Life” intervention didn’t last long, but for a few hours Sugar Diabetic Bear, Cap’n Cornstarch, and Sugar Frosted Fat shared space alongside the brands we’ve all come to know.

Ralph's Cereal Aisle

Sold out almost instantly, the obese Tony-the-Tiger that was featured on the box of Sugar Frosted Fat came to life last month as a limited-edition vinyl figure. Seeing a preview of it at the DKE Toys warehouse, I jumped at the chance to photograph a cereal ad parody with Tony and the incomparable Jesse Heiman, AKA the World's Greatest Extra. The resulting image is seen above.

Huge thanks to Jesse, Dov Kelemer, Noel Brohner, Michelle Valigura, Amanda Visell, Mika Fowler, and of course, Ron English. For more Ron, check out the upcoming, March 4th episode of The Simpsons. He'll be making an appearance with some other notable street artists:


Sorry for the lack of ePostcards lately. The WAR-TOYS project has kept me extra busy these last few months. I recently returned from a DC conference and Congressional dinner on Israel and Palestine.There are some huge developments brewing that I'm looking forward to sharing with you. In the meantime, I hope you'll consider making a tax-deductible donation to the project!

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